Just relax and watch the kids play!

Children love to find starfish and catch hermit crabs while playing in the shallow, warm pools when the tide falls.

It’s not just a place to stay… it is a place to experience!

Experiment with local cuisine!

The Wheelhouse (pictured right) is one of our personal favourites- delicious food, spectacular views and great service! A must try and it’s only 5 minutes away!

Clam Diggers, Rick’s Fish and Chips, The Lucky Bean, Copper Bottom… we could go on FOREVER with suggestions!

Go clam digging!

The thrill and reward of digging a few clams for an evening snack is second to none!

We have two types of clams here: white soft shell clams that are incredibly tasty steamed and dipped in garlic butter and bar clams; these clams make the best seafood chowder! Delicious!

Go mackerel fishing in Georgetown!

No licence is required! Mackerel fishing is usually a very rewarding experience since they’re easily caught off the Provincial wharf in the nearby fishing village of Georgetown (5 minutes away). Mackerel are a very healthy catch- full of omega 3’s and easily cooked on the BBQ!

Best served with some new PEI potatoes!

A goldmine of fun!

When the tide goes out the warm pools of water are a great spot for younger children to splash and play!

Skim boarding is fun to try too! We usually have a few of these thin, rigid boards available for children to use.

Go kayaking with seals!

Kayaking is so much fun and you don’t need a bunch of experience to try! Our boats are stable and we supply life jackets. Be prepared, the seals love to keep you company while you are out in the water! Imagine… your VERY OWN SEAL WATCHING TOUR from a kayak!

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