Your Eastern PEI Bucket List

Eastern Prince Edward Island is such a gem. For those that are blessed to live here we know how amazing it is; the beaches, the restaurants, the hiking and biking trails… we seem to have it all. The Beaches Have you been to Basin Head or Pamure Island Beach? If not, you need to addContinue reading “Your Eastern PEI Bucket List”

When We Multiplied

If you haven’t read the first blog post for Still Waters Cottages, you may want to… it’s the preface to the story. We were just settling in to our new home (the former and singular, Still Waters Cottage) and getting all the finishing touches done when an opportunity to multiply was brought before us. YouContinue reading “When We Multiplied”

The special place called Still Waters Cottage…

I can’t really explain it… it’s a feeling I had. A love-at-first-sight kinda feeling. The first time we drove into this little haven we were shopping for a cottage we could use for our vacation time. The kids were getting older and they didn’t want to leave their friends and let’s be honest, where elseContinue reading “The special place called Still Waters Cottage…”