Your Eastern PEI Bucket List

Eastern PEI

Eastern Prince Edward Island is such a gem. For those that are blessed to live here we know how amazing it is; the beaches, the restaurants, the hiking and biking trails… we seem to have it all.

The Beaches

Have you been to Basin Head or Pamure Island Beach? If not, you need to add them to your list! These two beaches are popular by locals and tourists alike and for good reason! Both are the perfect place to spend a day (make sure to complete the experience by packing a picnic). There’s nothing better than lunch on the beach!


Are you searching for incredible cuisine? I’m going out on a limb here to share OUR personal favourite for an eastern PEI date night: The Wheelhouse in Georgetown. The food and the view are a match made in heaven. We always recommend that our guests at Still Waters Cottages visit The Wheelhouse for dinner. We have never had any negative feedback, only those raving with positive reviews and wanting to return! A few honourable mentions: Ricks Fish and Chips in St. Peters, Point Prim Chowder House, Clam Diggers in Cardigan, The Lucky Bean Cafe in Montague, Maroon Pig Art Gallery & Sweet Shop, and What’s The Scoop for a delectable ice cream dessert in Brudenell.

Hiking and Biking

Are you looking to do some hiking and biking over the summer? PEI has seven woodland trails and four of them are located in the eastern region: Dromore Woodland Trail, Gairloch Road Trail, Boughton River Trail, and Forest Hill Trail. These trails are more rugged than the Confederation Trail and offer some beautiful and diverse terrain for those looking to hike some of our woodland areas.

The Confederation Trail (access is only a 5 minute bike ride from Still Waters) extends from tip to tip and so much of the eastern segment of this trail is breathtakingly scenic! One of our favourites stretches is biking from Morell to St. Peters where we always seem to reward ourselves with ice cream on the boardwalk or supper at Rick’s Fish and Chips.

Clam Digging

Are you looking to try your hand at foraging for food by digging a few clams? There are so many beaches that offer this experience. The beach at Still Waters Cottages is a goldmine for our guests at low tide! Bar clams, soft shell and razor fish are all found when the tide falls here! What a rewarding and tasty experience for an evening snack!

What’s on your bucket list?

These are just a few of the eastern PEI highlights that we recommend to guests. We could literally go on and on; Brudenell Riding Stables (5 minutes away), Brudenell Golf Course (5 minutes away), Tranquility Cove Adventures (5 minutes away), so many things to see and do!

What’s on your PEI bucket list this summer?

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  1. From Barrie, Ontario – we were supposed to leave this morning for a PEI vacation but sadly it is not going to happen this year because of you know what. Maybe next year


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